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About Dalhousie Associates

We are a Scottish based HR consultancy working in the UK and Republic of Ireland.  We specialise in supporting organisations to handle people, governance and financial management issues.



Financial Management

We acknowledge management issues can become overpowering and in some cases paralysing. With everyone being unique, challenges do present themselves which need to be solved in a pragmatic, cost effective and legal manner to minimise your risk and enable you to move forward. You will find some of the various ways we can help you further below, although the list is by no means exhaustive. Our collective experience has given us exposure to a wide range of people, governance and finance issues where we have had to achieve appropriate solutions. Our aim is to share that learning with you so we all benefit.

Director’s Vision

Mike O’Donnell

“Our values are embedded in respect, professionalism and integrity. We believe everyone will be treated with respect irrespective of their circumstances, we display high levels of professionalism at all times and our integrity is core and will not be compromised.”


Our Services

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
We are ready to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


Supporting with onboarding / recruitment processes. Delivery of Induction for new staff or those transitioning to a new role.

Employee Relations Management

Guidance and advice on handling a wide variety of employment issues within a statutory framework; Handling disputes from the more informal through to mediation; Union negotiation

Complex Employee Investigations

We deliver a detailed, fact supported report with a forward action plan. All reports are legal proceeding compliant, structured to your operational procedures.

Managing Employees

Development and implementation of performance management systems; Processes for improving performance; Good practice for supporting employees in a changing environment

Absence Management

Review of absence levels, policy, and practice; Strategies for engaging staff in managing absence; Positive actions for staff who are working from home on an extended basis

Managing Redundancy

Support with planning of redundancies ; Handling all stages of the process ; Processing all necessary paperwork from a legal and good practice perspective; Provision of policy and procedure framework where appropriate


Coaching & Support

Individually tailored support for colleagues in senior positions managing challenges in the organisation; Individual coaching on organisational challenges and how these can be handled positively


Data Protection

Audit of your organisation’s position in relation to Data Protection in compliance with ICO standards; Detailed audit of the data held in your organisation; Review and where appropriate, provision of Policy and Procedure; Provision of ongoing advice and support on implications of the General Data Protection Regulations.


HR Policy Review

Comprehensive review across your organisation of all HR related policies and procedures ; Preparation of new polices and procedures appropriate to your organisation


Public Complaint

Independent and detailed review of complaints from the public; All complaints are handled to the same exacting standards as our employee investigations with supporting reports, recommendations, and action plans where appropriate



Comprehensive review of governance procedures in your organisation; All charity reviews in accordance with standards laid down by OSCR

Financial Procedures

Review of financial processes, procedures, and policies to ensure appropriate compliance


We believe in engaging the best people to bring creative solutions, thoughts, and new ideas to your business.














This will be achieved in a manner which is most suitable to your needs. Whatever you decide we will discuss honestly with you so it’s the best solution for your needs whether it’s an individual project basis, an interim appointment or a subscription based model.



We will work in partnership with all our clients. It is important to us that we get to know you but more importantly you get to know us. We want to know that we really are the right people for you. That is why we will normally have at least 2 meetings or discussions with you before undertaking any role. That enables us to be clear on your requirements thus giving you best value for your investment in us. Our approach is to get to know you, so we can align ourselves to your culture giving you the best possible outcome.

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Mike, a Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, established Dalhousie Associates Ltd in August 2016 with the aim of supporting charities in people, governance and finance; our 3 pillars of success. Our goal was developing a cost-effective service which ensured charities could access quality support and guidance when required.

While we have continued to support a number of charities, we are proud to say that in the ensuing period we have been engaged by a wider breadth of differing organisations including public sector, housing, healthcare and manufacturing sectors to resolve one-off, long-running, complex employment and management issues, employee behavioural issues and complaints from members of the public through to longer part time engagements.

We believe the trust in our professionalism, our approach and ultimately our outputs have enabled us to be successful whoever we work with.